Girls Wrestling Scores Big in First Tournament!

Last Wednesday, our girls team had their first tournament at Davis High School. Their hard work paid off, as we had many girls place in the top 3 and medal! Here are the girls that placed on Wednesday. Congratulations girls!  
-Karlie Bishop placed 3rd in the 105 lb weight class.
-Sydney Chamberlain placed 2nd in the 110 lb weight class.
-Paris Bowen placed 3rd in the 115 lb weight class.
-Gloria Jessop placed 2nd in the 125 lb weight class.
-Olivia Merino placed 1st in the 145 lb weight class.
-Gabi Merino placed 1st in the 155 lb weight class.
-Madi Fulks placed 2nd in the 170 lb weight class. 
-Kate Ashton placed 3rd in the 210 lb weight class.
-Hannah Whitlock placed 3rd in the 235 weight class. 
Here are the girls who placed just outside the top 3:
-Danae Fisher placed 4th
-Eden Hulet placed 4th.
-Vanhessa Vu placed 4th.
-McKenna Houskeeper placed 5th.