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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Website page for the Zoom Links

Dear Mountain Ridge Parents, 

Spring parent teacher conference is fast approaching. It will be held on Wednesday, February 16th 2022. Your students WILL NOT ATTEND SCHOOL THAT DAY; However, they are welcome and encouraged to participate in parent teacher conference if you would like them to.   

We are offering two different ways to meet with your teachers:

Conferences will be held from 12:00pm to 8:00pm, with a lunch break from 3:30-4:30. You are able to meet with your student’s teachers two different ways:

    1. In person conferences where you will meet with our teachers in their classrooms at your appointment time.
    2. Zoom conferences where you will meet with our teachers via zoom at your appointment time. If you will be meeting with our teachers via zoom we ask that you help us with the following item:
  • Email your student’s teachers and let them know you will be meeting with them via zoom. This will increase successful outcomes, so they are not waiting for you to show up in person. 

We have appointments open and available every 10 minutes.  We ask that you log onto your Skyward parent account, find a time that works for you and set up an appointment to meet with your student’s teacher.

As a reminder this is how the process will work: 

  1. Beginning now, you can go on your Parent Skyward account and sign up for appointments with your Mountain Ridge Teachers. Teachers will have 10 min increments for conferences. 
    1. Click on the tab that says “Conferences”
    2. Select a time to meet with each of your students teachers.
  2. Attached to this email is a link to our MRHS website, where you will be able to find the spreadsheet with your teachers zoom links.           
    1. *****You will find this spreadsheet under the community tab on our website. Down at the bottom of the list will be “Parent Teacher Conferences” The spreadsheet is placed there.
    2. A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time, click on the link from the spreadsheet next to the teacher's name and enter the virtual waiting room.  
    3. The teacher will let you into the virtual conference when they are ready for the meeting.
    4. After meeting with the teacher, please click the red "Leave" button to clear the room for the next parent.
      1. Here is an instructional video that was created by another school in our district, so you can see how this process works from your end. 
  3. If you are attending in person meetings with your students’ teachers, you can pick up a school map from the main office or scan the QR codes that are placed around the building. This should help you find the classrooms.
  4. Wait outside the teacher’s rooms until your scheduled time.
  5. Meet with the teachers when they are available.

How to meet with your Counselor during Parent Teacher Conferences:

Our Counseling Center, Social Worker, School Psychologist and CTE Coordinator will be available from 12:00pm - 3:30pm and again from 4:30pm to 8:00pm for walk ins, phone calls or emails.  You can call and set up appointments if necessary.

You can contact your counselors by calling the Counseling Center at: (801) 412-1720 or by email:

A – Br                       Mrs. Van Wagenen   [email protected]            

Bu - Fi                    Mrs. Newling       [email protected] b

Fl - I                  Mr. Blodgett              [email protected]

J – McD                Mrs. Munns               [email protected]

McE – Pes                Ms. Easton                 [email protected]

Pet – So                   Ms. Strahan                [email protected]

Sp – Z                      Mr. Elder                    [email protected]

Psychologist Mrs. Omlie [email protected] 

Social Worker Kip Webster [email protected]

CTE Coordinator Kim Newbrough [email protected]

Once again, we know this is a newer process.  We are confident that this time will be productive for you and your student and we hope that all of the Zoom links work properly. If you are having difficulty connecting with your teacher, please send them an email or call the office between the hours of 7-3 PM before Wednesday or between the hours of 12:00-8:00PM on the day of Parent Teacher Conferences.

Thank You for everything you’ve done to support your students and their teachers.

-Mountain Ridge Administration

Parent Teacher Website page for the Zoom Links