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Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Mountain Ridge Parents, 


Parent teacher conferences will be held next week (September 21-25).  Due to the pandemic, we will be doing our conference virtually.  Teacher times and dates will vary depending on their availability and we have attached a spreadsheet with those individual teacher times along with the Zoom link where the individual conferences will be held.  We have appointments open and available.  We ask that you log onto your Skyward parent account, find a time that works for you and set up an appointment to meet with your students’ teacher. When that date and time comes, you will be able to log into the Zoom link provided on the attached spreadsheet where you will be able to join the teacher for the conference.

As this is a new process, we'd like to walk you through how this will work: 

1- Beginning now, you can go on your Parent Skyward account and sign up for appointments with your Mountain Ridge Teachers. Teachers will have 10 min increments for conferences.  

2- Below is a spreadsheet of our teachers and the corresponding times that they will be available for conferences. To link to their zoom accounts, click here.

3- A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time, click on the link from the spreadsheet next to the teacher's name and enter the virtual waiting room.  

4- The teacher will let you into the virtual conference when they are ready for the meeting.

5- After meeting with the teacher, please click the red "Leave" button to clear the room for the next parent.

Here is an instructional video that was created by another school in our district, so you can see how this process works from your end. 

How to meet with your Counselor during Parent Teacher Conferences:

Our Counseling Center, Social Worker, and CTE Coordinator will be available until 5:00 each afternoon, from Monday to Thursday, for phone calls.  You can call and set up appointments if necessary.

Once again, this is a new process for all.  We are confident that this time will be productive for you and your student and we hope that all of the Zoom links work properly. If you are having difficulty connecting with your teacher, please send them an email or call the office between the hours of 7-3 PM.


Thank You for everything you’ve done to support your students and their teachers during this unprecedented time.


Mountain Ridge Administration