Sentinel:  A soldier stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack: to stand sentinel

Welcome to Mountain Ridge High School, home of the Sentinels!   What a ride this last year has been for me. Since I was appointed Principal in July of 2018, I’ve worked hard to get the school ready to open.  I’ve enjoyed each step of the process; from hiring teachers, support staff, and coaches, organizing the ballots to choose colors, mascot and logo, choosing furniture, equipment, and supplies, it’s been a new adventure! The whole process has been fun and exciting but there have also been challenges and obstacles along the way.  As you go through high school, I suspect that you will face the same situation -- you’ll experience a lot of fun and excitement as you meet new friends and have new opportunities, but you’ll also have some challenges and obstacles mixed in. As Sentinels, we are here to stand guard, we are here to celebrate our successes and to enjoy those moments together.  We are also here to help each other get through the hard times, we challenge those that present risks. That is what Sentinels do, this is what Mountain Ridge is.  

The opportunity to create something special here at Mountain Ridge High is exciting!  Together, we will create a culture that celebrates excellence in academics, arts, athletics, activities, and the achievement of each other.  You will have opportunities to get involved in all things Mountain Ridge. You will have great experiences with great friends. You will meet a lot of new people and have opportunities to make many new friends.  I hope you remember your high school years as some of the best years. We’re in this together and together the sky’s the limit!

If you would like to contact school administration, please call the main office at 801-412-1700.  Email addresses can be found on our staff directory.