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Sentinel Nation:
Our big school charity fundraiser kicks off on Monday, November 27th! Right now, Season of Scarlet Merchandise is NOW AVAILABLE so it arrives in a timely manner. Your student should have received a paper order form today in 1st period. We do encourage you to order it online through THIS LINK but can also be purchased in the main office. 
Please note that we have a limited number of water bottles, this is on a first come first serve basis and must be ordered online. 
All proceeds will go towards Season of Scarlet, the charity we will be supporting will be announced on November 27th.

Recent News

Drawing 1 Creates Art Despite Mistakes

Drawing 1 classes just finished The Disaster Project, which is where they are given a variety of challenges to add to their artwork, some of which make them destroy their work in some way. Students rose to the challenge and created interesting and dynamic works of art after being challenged to do things like: add an entire song of lyrics to your work, draw 15 vertical lines, cut your paper into strips-rearrange it-and then reattach your artwork to another paper, and drip watercolor onto 40% of your paper. These disasters remind students that sometimes something might go wrong with your art, so how can you turn the mistakes into purposeful additions?

Check your Name Spelling for Graduation!!!!!!

We have made a list and need your help to check it twice!! Please stop by the counseling center to make sure your name is spelled correctly on the Diploma list. THIS MUST BE YOUR LEGAL NAME! If a change needs to be made there is a form you will fill out and leave at the secretary's desk. Please check capital and lowercase letter placement. Have a great day!!