Welcome to Mountain Ridge High School

The ACT will be completed in school online using Jordan School District (JSD) Chromebooks. A personal laptop, a Chromebook not owned by JSD or iPad CANNOT be used for ACT testing.
It is extremely important that all junior students check their JSD Chromebook to ensure a good testing experience. There will be no back up Chromebooks for students to use during the ACT test. If your JSD Chromebook loses charge, malfunctions, or has any other unresolvable performance issue during the test, students will be excused and will not receive an ACT score.
If students are currently experiencing any problems with their school issued Chromebook such as a battery not holding charge, sticky or missing keys, cracked screen or any other performance issue, they must take their Chromebook to the library to be fixed by Friday, February 23. Charges may apply.
Students without a JSD Chromebook may check one out at the library by Friday, March 8. JSD Chromebooks WILL NOT be available for checkout March 11-13.