Welcome to Mountain Ridge High School

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Students and Parents,
I hope you are all healthy and doing well.  We miss not having you here at school! The end of year is coming rapidly so we’re giving you a quick rundown of end of year news.
Arena scheduling – Next year’s Juniors and Seniors, if you haven’t set up your schedule, please do so now!  Arena is open for all students to get on and secure your classes.  Please remember to sign up for the classes that you need for graduation.  FYI, we’ve added another section of drawing 1 and weights if you’re interested. 
Yearbooks – Because all but one of the warehouses that produces school yearbooks have shut down, it looks like our yearbook deliveries will be delayed.   We will be giving you more information as far as dates and procedures once we get the books in.  We are so sorry that this is happening. 
*Graduation parade for Seniors – At the end of the parade, Seniors will be pick up their diploma cover, have a final photo opportunity in front of the school in cap and gown, and then be able to pick up their diploma.   We invite all to come cheer for our seniors as they parade down Sentinel Ridge Boulevard to Mountain Ridge High.  The parade map is included that will show parking areas for spectators and the route that will be followed.  We hope that you can make it and we look forward to seeing you at the parade!  PARENT & STUDENT YEAR END INFORMATION PACKET copy.pdf 
Textbook/Library book/anything else returns – please come to the school to drop off any items that you have.  You can drop these items off at the front entrance of the school from 8:00 to 1:00 M-F.  Turn in your textbooks when you are finished using them.   
Chromebook returns – May 26 – June 5 you can turn in your Chromebooks.  Please have your Chromebook charged and make sure the power chord is with it.  We will have tables in the commons area to check these in.   
We have over 400 Chromebooks to return so to avoid congestion, return times have been established for each day. 
These times will be according to your last name.
A-D                         8:00-9:00
E-H                         9:00-10:00
I-L                           10:00-11:00
M-P                        11:00-12:00
Q-S                         12:00-1:00
T-Z                          1:00-2:00
Open Time          2:00-3:00
Fourth quarter grades – The window to contact your teachers about your final grade is May 22 – June 5.  You will need to either accept the grade that you have in the class or contact your teacher if you opt to receive a “P” grade.  If you are in a position that you aren’t going to pass the class, an “NC” grade will be given.  The “NC” grade won’t affect your GPA however, you will not receive credit for the class. 
Senior walk across the stage – Seniors, if you want an opportunity to walk across the stage (with Pomp and circumstance playing) for an individual photo/video, and family photo, please call the office to set up an appointment - 801-412-1700.  This has been a great experience for those that have taken advantage of it. 
The quarter ends on June 5.  Please finish strong!  Wrap up any loose ends you have in your classes.  Contact your teachers with any questions. 
To avoid fines, please turn in your school items as soon as you are finished using them.
This has been the craziest year we’ve ever experienced.  The high of opening the first year, the low of not being able to finish the year at school- it’s been quite a ride.  We appreciate the patience and perseverance that you’ve shown during this difficult time.  We look forward to getting back to the new normal and seeing you soon!
Here is a link to some Common Questions and Answers related to the school closure and end of year activities.
The Student and Parent Technical Support Hotline (801-567-8999) is available Monday through Friday from 8:00-4:00.