• Jordan School District offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in:
    • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
    • Architecture and Construction
    • Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications
    • Business, Finance and Marketing
    • Computer Science and Information Technology
    • Education and Training
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Health Science
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • Human Services
    • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics



  • It is the policy of Jordan School District CTE not to discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex or disabilities in its CTE programs, services or activities, as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; The Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.


  • Jordan School District CTE will take steps to assure that the lack of English skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in all educational CTE programs.


  • For more information about your rights or grievance procedures, contact:


Title IX Coordinator

Stacy Evans

(801) 567-8325


7387 S. Campus View Drive

West Jordan, UT 84084

504/ADA Coordinator

Fulvia Franco, Ph.D., NCSP

(801) 567-8390


7387 S. Campus View Drive

West Jordan, UT 84084


Aviso Público de No Discriminación

  • El distrito escolar de Jordan ofrece programas de educación técnica y profesional (CTE) en:
    • Agricultura, alimentos y recursos naturales
    • Arquitectura y construcción
    • Artes, tecnología audiovisual y comunicaciones
    • Negocios, finanzas y marketing
    • Ciencia de la computación  e Información tecnológica
    • Educación y formación
    • Ingeniería y tecnología
    • Ciencias de la salud
    • Hostelería y turismo
    • Servicios humanos
    • Ley, seguridad pública, correccionales y seguridad
    • Fabricación
    • Transporte, distribución y logística



  •  Es la política de CTE del Distrito Escolar de Jordan no discriminar por motivos de raza, color, origen nacional, sexo o discapacidades en sus programas, servicios o actividades de CTE, como es requerido por el Título VI de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964, según  enmendada; Título IX de las Enmiendas de 1972; La Ley de Discriminación por Edad de 1975, según enmendada; y la Sección 504 de la Ley de Rehabilitación de 1973, según enmendada.


  •  El CTE del Distrito Escolar de Jordan tomará medidas para asegurar que la falta de habilidades en inglés no sea una barrera para la admisión y participación en todos los programas educativos de CTE.


  • Para obtener más información sobre sus derechos o los procedimientos de quejas, comuníquese con:

Title IX Coordinator

Stacy Evans

(801) 567-8325


7387 S. Campus View Drive

West Jordan, UT 84084


504/ADA Coordinator

Fulvia Franco, Ph.D., NCSP

(801) 567-8390


7387 S. Campus View Drive

West Jordan, UT 84084

State CTE Pathways

Mountain Ridge High School students have an opportunity to earn a CTE Pathway Certificate of Completion and a cord to wear at graduation signifying their accomplishment.


What is the benefit of earning a Completion Certificate? Students who focus on a Career Pathway are able to acquire the skills needed for entry into a well paid career with potential for faster financial growth, greater responsibility and a higher degree of personal satisfaction.


Utah CTE Pathways are aligned with and categorized by the national Career Clusters.  More information on the classes required to complete a State of Utah CTE Pathway can be found here.  


Applications can be found below.  For more information, come see us in the Career Center.


**Sophomores and Juniors - now is the time to look and make sure you are on track to complete at State CTE Pathway.

CTE Pathways Completer Application
1.  Seniors complete the Pathway Application below and return it to the Career Center by April 15th.
2021-2022 CTE Teachers


Alisha Neil - Department Head

Subjects taught:  Animal Science 1 and 2, Biology Agriculture Science, Floriculture, Equine Science

email:  alisha.neil@jordandistrict.org


Business and Marketing

Dannel Porter - Department Head

Subjects taught:  Marketing 1 and 2, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism 

email:  dannel.porter@jordandistrict.org


Brittany Jensen

Subjects taught:  Business Office Specialist,  Financial Literacy

email:  brittany.jensen@jordandistrict.org


David Johnston

Subjects taught:  Financial Literacy

email: johnston@jordandistrict.org


Penny Siettmann

Subjects taught:  Digital Marketing, Accounting 1 and 2, Retailing, AP Computer Science, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Business Management, Business Law

email:  siettmann@jordandistrict.org 


Family and Consumer Science

Kyley Anderson - Department Head

Subjects taught:  Foods and Nutrition 1, Culinary 1, Baking and Pastry, Prostart 2, Culinary Arts 3

email:  kyley.anderson@jordandistrict.org


Brittany Jensen

Subjects taught:  Foods and Nutrition 1, Child Development

email:  brittany.jensen@jordandistrict.org


Corie Johnson

Subjects taught:  Interior Design 1 and 2, INTD 1010 Fashion Design, Designer Sewing 1 and 2

email:  corie.johnson@jordandistrict.org 


Traci Nuttall - Child Care Manager 

Subjects taught: Early Child Education 2 and 3

email:  nuttall@jordandistrict.org 

Child Care Website: https://minisentinels.weebly.com/


Katie Trump - Preschool Director

Subjects taught: Child Development, Early Childhood Education 1, 2, and 3,

email:  katie.trump@jordandistrict.org

Preschool Website:  https://minisentinels.weebly.com/



James Barnes - Department Head

Subjects taught:  Introduction to Health Science, Sports and Exercise Medicine

email:  james.barnes@jordandistrict.org


Dave Johnston

Subjects taught:  Medical Terminology

email:  david.johnston@jordandistrict.org


Information Technology

Natalie Allsop

Subjects taught: Exploring Computer Science, Digital Media 1, Digital Graphic Arts, Web Development 1

email:  natalie.allsop@jordandistrict.org


Austin Anderson

Subjects taught:  Computer Programming 1, Financial Literacy

email:  anderson@jordandistrict.org 


Skilled and Technical 


Alisha Neil - Department Head

Subjects taught:  Animal Science 1 and 2, Biology Agriculture Science, Floriculture, Equine Science

email:  alisha.neil@jordandistrict.org


Brendon McDonald

Subjects taught:  Intro to Automotive, ASE Chassis MLR, ASE Engine Repair

email:  brendon.mcdonald@jordandistrict.org


Rick Minor

Subjects taught:  Woods 1, 2, and 3

email:  richard.minor@jordandistrict.org


Detective Tsouras

Subjects taught:  Law Enforcement

email:  tsouras@jordandistrict.org 


Leslie Vawdrey 

Subjects taught:  TV Broadcasting 1 and 2, Film 1045, Digital Media, Video Production 1 and 2, Communications 1010 &1020

email:  leslie.vawdrey@jordandistrict.org


Career Center

Kim Newbrough - CTE Coordinator



Colette Braithwaite - Career Center Assistant



Kristen Flandro - Career Center Assistant





Notice of Non-Discrimination


Jordan School District adheres to all federal, state, and local civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination in employment and education. The District does not discriminate in its educational programs or activities, admissions practices, or employment practices on the basis of race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, age, citizenship or disability. Jordan School District also prohibits retaliation against any person opposing discrimination or participating in any discrimination investigation or complaint process.

Inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies should be directed to the appropriate contact, based on the nature of the inquiry.

School Activities/ Communication/Events

Contact: Michael Kochevar


Applicant/Employee Services, 

Including Title IX Employee Sex Discrimination

Contact: June LeMaster


Risk Management

Contact: Jeff Beesley


Title IX Student Sex Discrimination

Contact: Stacy Evans

Title IX Coordinator for Students

(801) 567-8325

Student 504 Referrals

Contact: Fulvia Franco


IDEA Special Education Child Find

Contact: Kim Lloyd

(801) 567-8374


Aviso de No-Discriminación 



El Distrito Escolar de Jordan se adhiere a todas las leyes de derechos civiles federales, estatales y locales que prohíben la discriminación en el empleo y la educación. El Distrito no discrimina en sus programas o actividades educativas, prácticas de admisión o prácticas laborales por motivos de raza, color, origen étnico, origen nacional, religión, sexo, género, identidad de género, orientación sexual, credo, edad, ciudadanía o discapacidad. El Distrito Escolar de Jordan también prohíbe las represalias contra cualquier persona que se oponga a la discriminación o que participe en cualquier investigación o proceso de denuncia por discriminación. 


Preguntas sobre políticas de no-discriminación deben dirigirse al contacto adecuado, según la naturaleza de la pregunta.

Actividades escolares/Comunicación/Eventos

Contacte : Michael Kochevar



Solicitante/Servicios para Empleados 

Incluyendo la discriminación sexual de los 

Empleados según el Titulo IX

Contacte: June LeMaster



Administración de Riesgo

Contacte: Jeff Beesley



Título IX Discriminación por sexo de los Estudiantes 

Contacte: Stacy Evans

Coordinadora de Titulo IX para Estudiantes 

(801) 567-8325


Referencia 504 para los Estudiantes

Contacte: Fulvia Franco



Búsqueda de niños de educación especial  IDEA 

Contacte: Kim Lloyd

(801) 567-8374

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