Region Healthcare Student Internship Opportunity
The Regional Healthcare Internship is starting again next Fall. This internship provides students with behind the scenes opportunities and access to medical professionals that they would not otherwise be able to have. We have a spot for 1 student per high school and 1 alternate (the alternates will have a chance to participate in 2nd semester). We would like to have someone representing each high school, but if we cannot find someone from each high school we will still fill 6 spots.
If students are selected for this internship they will have to enroll in JATC CTE Internship class to participate in this opportunity. The High School Internship class has been moved to JATC North campus. It is taught 1st and 2nd semester either 4th or 8th period from 1:20-2:25pm. 
These applications need to be turned in to:
JATC Main office in Kristi Kemp's box
emailed to Shauna Barton shauna.barton@jordandistrict.org 
Applications need to be turned in no later than April 21st.  
CTE Pathways Completer Application
1.  Seniors complete the Pathway Application and return it to the Career Center.  
2020-2021 CTE Teachers
Alisha Neil
Subjects taught:  Animal Science, Biology Agriculture Science, Floriculture, Equine Science, Internship
Business and Marketing
Dannel Porter - Department Head
Subjects taught:  Marketing 1 and 2, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Entertainment Marketing  
Tyler Cornia 
Subjects taught:  Sports Entertainment Marketing, Digital Marketing, Retailing, Business Management, Business Law, Business Communication, Accounting 1 & 2
Brittany Jensen
Subjects taught:  Business Office Specialist, Computer Programming 1, Financial Literacy
Family and Consumer Science
Kyley Brooks - Department Head
Subjects taught:  Foods and Nutrition, Interior Design 1010, Prostart
Corie Johnson
Subjects taught:  Interior Design. Adult Roles, Child Development, Fashion Design, Designer Sewing 1 and 2
Katie Trump - Preschool Director
Subjects taught: Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Preschool
James Barnes - Department Head
Subjects taught:  Introduction to Health Science, Sports and Exercise Medicine
Dave Johnston
Subjects taught:  Introduction to Health Science, Financial Literacy, Medical Terminilogy
Information Technology
Natalie Allsop
Subjects taught:Exploring Computer Science, Digital Media 1, Digital Graphic Arts , Web Development
Skilled and Technical 
Leslie Vawdrey - Department Head
Subjects taught:  TV Broadcasting, Film 1045, Digital Media, Video Production, Communications 1010 &1020, Yearbook
Rick Minor
Introduction to Woodworking, Furniture Design, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Student Government
Brendon McDonald
Subjects taught:  Intro to Automotive, Small Engine Repair, ASE Chassis MLR
Career Center
Kim Newbrough - CTE Coordinator
Colette Braithwaite - Career Center Assistant
Kristen Flandro - Career Center Assistant
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