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Tina Madsen- Head Secretary                                                                            
Attendance Assistants
             Kristin Olsen                                                                                           Nicole Andra
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Patricia Luna- ELS Classroom Assistant


MRHS Attendance Policy

    MRHS Attendance Policy:
    Jordan School District and Mountain Ridge High School are committed to
    providing a quality education for our students. Attending classes on a regular basis is crucial to
    the academic success of our students. Our attendance procedures are established for structure
    and to support local and state school attendance policies. The intent is to help our students
    develop sound attendance practices and prepare them to be employable and responsible
    citizens. Even if students are excused they are still missing important instruction. See Jordan School District
    Policy: https://policy.jordandistrict.org/aa432/
    Compulsory Attendance:
    Utah Code, Section 53A-11-101-Parental Rights in Education is specific in placing the
    responsibility of regular daily attendance on parents. As a school, however, we support a
    philosophy to cooperatively assist parents in helping their child develop sound attendance
    practices. The procedures herein provide a means where all parties can work together for the
    educational benefit of students. Our goal is to involve parents and school staff in resolving
    attendance problems before resorting to and involving juvenile court. A checklist is maintained
    by the administration for each student who has attendance problems to document earnest and
    persistent efforts by the school. Administration and teachers will be using Skyward to document attendance
    and any associated problems. *Students and their parents are responsible for student attendance per Jordan
    School District Policy: https://policy.jordandistrict.org/aa432/
    It is important for students and parents to communicate with teachers if a student is going to be absent for any
    type of absence.
    Absences and Missing School Work:
    Students are responsible for the completion of any work missed due to absence, regardless of the reason for
    the absence (excused, unexcused, truant). Students with absences prior to the midterm week will be allowed
    to submit completed make-up work through the midterm grading period. Students with absences following the
    midterm week will be allowed to submit completed make-up work through the end of the current grading
    period. The school is encouraged to provide opportunities for students to make up lost time and assignments,
    such as; homeroom, lunchtime (up to teacher), after school make-up, or during Friday remediation time.
    Students must visit with their teachers to arrange time for make-up work. A parent, teacher, or a school
    administrator may request a conference to discuss the attendance of a student whom they deem to have an
    excessive number of absences; and follow procedures as per policy: https://policy.jordandistrict.org/aa432/
    MRHS Attendance Policy-Due Process:
    All absences are per class, not total absences and all absences are considered in the total, excused and
    ● At 5 absences and a failing grade, teachers will send an email via Skyward to parents. Teacher
    contacts parents and student about the concern; absences and failing grade.
    ● At 7 absences and a failing grade, an email or phone call will be sent to parents by an administrator
    to discuss the concern and possible solutions.
    ● At 9 absences and a failing grade, an administrator will contact the student’s parent(s) to discuss the
    concern and possible solutions. The student and their parent(s) may be asked to meet with an
    administrator and a counselor to discuss solutions.
    ● At 11 absences and with a failing grade, students will fail the class and will attend a credit recovery
    option of that class immediately. Students will need to pay the $35 for credit recovery.
    Page 4 Policy & Procedures Manual Mountain Ridge - Sentinels
    ○ If students recover the credit before the first day of the next quarter they may be reimbursed the
    $35 fee as an incentive to quickly recover the credit. This will replace the credit for graduation,
    not the F on the transcript.
    ○ A parent meeting will be held to determine future placement and credit recovery options needed
    for graduation.
    All absences naturally affect a students grade, however unexcused absences will affect grades based on the
    school wide grading policy. Grades in a class will be determined by Assessments, Assignments, and
    Absences will be assigned the following letters on Skyward:
    ● A Unexcused Absence
    ● E Excused Absence
    ● T Tardy
    ● C Check In
    ● W Way Late
    ● Z Truancy
    MRHS Tardy Policy:
    At MRHS we expect our students to arrive at class on time. Our teachers plan meaningful and engaging
    lessons that reflect that expectation. Our teachers keep accurate attendance records including tardies. Our
    administration and teachers are in the halls during passing time to help students arrive at their classes on time.
    MRHS Tardy Policy-Due Process:
    A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings. Total tardies, per class,
    will result in the following:
    ● At 5 per class-Teacher emails/calls home to discuss tardy issues.
    ● At 7 per class-Student will meet with their administrator to discuss the situation/solutions and a phone
    call home will be made.
    ● At 9 per class- Parent/Student/Admin meeting will take place to discuss the situation/solutions.
    ● At 11 per class-In school suspension or other interventions will be given as per administrative
    ● Teachers will mark students accordingly:
    ○ Late for class (T)
    ○ 20 minutes after the bell is considered a “way late” (W) and will be considered an absence.
    A student will be marked truant if the student willfully chooses not to attend assigned classes. A truant student
    will need to work with teachers to make-up missed school work.
    Check-in/Check-out Procedure for Parents:
    ● Students who are more than 10 minutes late and students with a parent/guardian phone call or note
    should check in through the Attendance Office, upon arrival at school.
    ● Student check-out can be requested by a phone call, received before 2 pm the day of check out. For
    student safety, only legal guardians and those designated by the parent/guardian either in writing or
    during registration verification, will be allowed to check students in or out.
    ● Students can pick up their check-in and check-out slips in the Attendance Office.
    ● A verified parent note or phone call can excuse a late check-in or early check-out.
    Page 5 Policy & Procedures Manual Mountain Ridge - Sentinels
    An absence must be excused within 5 days or it will be considered unexcused.
    Attendance Rewards:
    Students will be recognized and rewarded for perfect attendance and improved attendance.
    Attendance Policy Dissemination:
    MRHS’s Attendance Policy is posted and available to view under website links of MRHS Attendance Policy and
    our Student Handbook: https://www.mountainridgesentinels.org
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All checkouts need to be called in by 2:00PM in order to ensure we will have enough time to get a note to your student. 
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