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Transcript Request Information/Questions:
  • Every student received an email from Parchment in their Jordan district email account on September 29, 2023.  In this email it will include a link and registration code to create a new learner account for the purpose of ordering transcripts to be sent to colleges, universities, scholarships, NCAA, etc. Students may set up their Parchment account anytime throughout their time here at Mountain Ridge.
  • Parents it is very important that you DO NOT create an account on behalf of your student.  Make sure they use their link and registration code provided for them by Parchment. This will properly link your student to Mountain Ridge High School.
  • Seniors ONLY send transcripts to colleges or universities that you have applied for.  Remember to order your final transcript that includes your graduation date after graduation, usually the end of June, to the school you plan on attending.
  • Students can have an unofficial transcript viewable on their “Dashboard” in Parchment by clicking on the transcript picture and then selecting update at the bottom of the screen.  This is not automatically updated each quarter.  You must update your transcript after grades have posted each quarter.
  • Once you have created your Parchment account it is important to add a secondary email address and set as your main default email in your profile screen.  This will ensure access to your Parchment account once you have graduated.  Your Jordan district email will be deleted in July of your graduation year and you will no longer have access to your parchment account for future requests if this has not been changed.
  • Transcripts are processed each day by 10:00 am.  Any transcripts ordered after 10:00 am will be processed the following day.  Transcript orders will not be processed on weekends, holidays or school breaks.
  • New to our Transcript screen – “New Third Party Account”. This is for other credentials, education and graduation verifications related to background checks, etc.  There is a $20.00 fee for these types of orders. This account is used for requesters, outside of the district requesting verifications for graduation and education and requires a FERPA compliant consent form from the student.
  • If you have forgotten your login for your Parchment account you can go to or call 1-888-662-0874 for help.            
All transcripts electronically sent are free until August 1st of your graduation year. There is a $2.75 charge for paper transcripts. There is a $4.40 charge for alumni.