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Students and Parents,

Please note the following information regarding graduation:

May 19th

  • Cap and Gown Handout
    • Seniors who are not on the Senior Fail List and have no outstanding fees, will be allowed to pick up their Caps and Gowns. Students whose names are on the list must clear their names from the fail-list in order to pick up their Caps and Gowns. The last possible date to pick up Caps and Gowns from the school is June 1, 2021 from the Counseling Center.

June 2nd

  • Graduation Practice - 9:00 am in the Gym
    • Attendance at graduation practice is required. Please contact Mr. Barton at ( if you are unable to attend graduation practice. Student will be checking their name pronunciation and spelling at graduation practice as well as rehearsing how to line up etc.
  • Graduation Parade - 7:00 pm
    • Students will begin lining up for the parade at 6:30 pm.
    • Click on the link for more information:  MRHS Final Op Plan.docx 
    • After the parade students are invited to attend the Senior Sunset and watch the fireworks at the school.

June 3rd

Parents please note the following:


  • Tickets for graduation will be available online at  starting on June 1st. Each senior will be allowed 6 tickets. In case of inclement weather, each senior will be allowed 2 tickets and tickets will be re-issued on the school website.


  • Seating at the stadium will be open at 8:15 am on June 3rd. Students with last names beginning with A-L will be marching in and seated on the East side of the Stadium. Students with last names M-Z will be seated on the West side of the Stadium. Seating will be open and first come, first served. We ask that you be courteous in your seating choices. After the ceremony, students will immediately return to the gym to turn in their gowns and pick up their diplomas. No parents will be allowed inside the gym. Parents and guests will NOT be allowed to come onto the field for pictures, or to hand materials to their student etc. Please make sure all pictures in caps and gowns are taken before the ceremony and before students line up.

Prepare your Gown

  • When your student receives their gown, please remove it from the plastic bag, hang it and steam it. They will be very wrinkled and look best if they have been hung and ironed out. Do NOT use a regular iron as they will melt the fabric. If you do not own a steamer, hang the gown in the bathroom for a few days and allow the steam from several showers to pull the wrinkles out.


  • As soon as the ceremony ends your Graduate will be turning in their gowns. TAKE ALL PICTURES WELL BEFORE THE CEREMONY. You will NOT have an opportunity to photograph your student in their cap and gown after the ceremony.


  • Leis and other decorations will not be allowed in our graduation ceremony. The only decorations allowed will be honor cords, school medallions, NHS hoods, and other awards as given by the school. While we understand the cultural significance of Lei’s and other decorations, we ask that you do not send your student to the ceremony with them as they will be confiscated and returned at the lost and found after the ceremony. This is a district policy and serves to keep our graduation ceremony orderly and in decorum.


  • While the graduation cap is yours to keep, we ask that you DO NOT DECORATE THEM. Any student that arrives at the graduation ceremony with a decorated cap will be asked to purchase another one for the ceremony. We also ask that you write your name inside the cap so if it gets shuffled during the ceremony it won’t be permanently lost.

Dress Code

  • Students will be asked to abide by the school dress code for graduation. We ask that students come in semi-formal attire under their gowns. Dress code will be checked and students not conforming may be asked to leave and will not be able to walk.


  • Because we are holding graduation on our football field, we are asking that students DO NOT WEAR SHOES WITH A HEEL.  Especially stilettos or a thin raised heel. Thin raised heels will puncture the field and will be impossible to walk in on the turf. The damage to the field and the possible damage to the shoe and wearer will be large. Wedges and thick “kitten heels” are acceptable, as are men dress shoes, and other footwear.  

We are looking forward to a great graduation ceremony and we encourage all Seniors to get involved in the different pre-graduation activities leading up to the final events. Students, make memories that will last and live the High School MOMENTS!


Sentinel Strong!

Thank you for your support,

MRHS Graduation Committee and Administration