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Arena Scheduling

**UPDATE** Arena will be shutting down on Tuesday, August 4th at end of work day and will reopen after August 17, 2020**
Now that the virtual learning request window has closed, administrators and counselors are working to update virtual and in-person student schedules.
Schedules will be available to view in Skyward on August 17.
Questions regarding schedules and schedule changes may then be addressed by our school counselors.



Mountain Ridge High School uses the Skyward software online arena scheduling process as a way for students to schedule their own classes.  This program allows students the ability to choose specific classes, teachers, and class periods to best fit their unique educational plan.


With the abundance of options available to Mountain Ridge High school students, it is important for each student to develop a plan ahead of time to refer to when Arena Scheduling is open.  Classes are available on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.  Having a back-up plan is a good idea in case classes fill up.  We recommend you use the scheduling worksheets included in this section.




For students unfamiliar with Skyward Arena Scheduling, please refer to this Skyward Tutorial.  This will walk students through the process, step-by-step.


Students are given a login and password from the Mountain Ridge Attendance office to access the online arena scheduling through Skyward. 

You can login into Skyward HERE.