Enhanced Diploma Honor Cords

Areas of Emphasis
  • The minimum requirements for a Mountain Ridge High Enhanced Diploma are a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA, a 3.5 weighted GPA in your area of emphasis, and a 20 hour culminating project. Each area of focus has additional requirements which are listed in the documents in the side panel.
  • Students should submit an application (link in side panel) no later than January of Senior year. Projects and all other requirements should be completed by the end of April.
  • Student may complete requirements in more than one area of emphasis. Although only one honor cord will be worn at graduation, all areas of emphasis will be listed in the program and on the actual enhanced diploma.
  • Forms can be returned to Mrs. Robertson electronically via email at shauna.robertson@jordandistrict.org
  • Forms may also be printed and put in Mrs. Robertson's box in the main office or delivered to room P2310
  • All questions should be directed to Mrs. Robertson at the email listed above.