Concurrent Enrollment

Mountain Ridge High School has partnered with area colleges and universities to help prepare students for a college experience while in high school.  This experience will  help students with the skills and courses that they will need in order to navigate challenges associated with higher education.
Credits earned through concurrent enrollment courses are transferable to other state colleges and universities.  It is advised that you check with higher institutions for their credit transfer guidelines.  The Utah Transfer Guide provided by the Utah System of Higher Education may be a helpful in the transfer credit search.
If you plan on taking a Concurrent Enrollment class next year, 
The following classes require a placement score:
Biology 1010/1015
English 1010
History 1700
Math 1050
If you signed up for one of these classes for the 2022-2023 school year and you have not taken the ACT, you will need to take the Placement Survey via Canvas.  In order to do this, you will need to have a S number from SLCC.  You are issued your S number after you complete the admission application.  The application fee has been waived at this time.  Take advantage of this and apply today. 
Visit us in the Career Center if you have any questions.
How to . . . 
Apply for Admission (you only have to do this once)
Register for Classes (each semester)
Pay Tuition (each semester)
Please follow the link below for "How to Tutorials."
Early Enrollment

Who is Eligible for Early Enrollment?

Students who:

1.  have completed their sophomore year (10th grade).
2.  are currently enrolled in high school, OR registered as home schooled through the school district, OR
     officially withdrawn and release from Utah's compulsory age for education (18) through the school
3.  demonstrate current college level proficiency by placing in ENGL 1010 and MATH 1010 or 1030. Test
     scores must be within 2 years for English and withing 1 year for math to be accepted. ACT Reading
     score of 18 or higher and Math score of 19 or higher will also be accepted.​

*NOTE: Test scores must be official. Make sure they are on your high school transcript or request transfer scores to be sent directly to SLCC (contact SLCC for the email address currently accepting test scores at 801-957-4214)


How to Apply

  1. Verify the you will be able to meet the deadline for Early Enrollment Admissions - 
  2. Check the Required Documents Checklist and gather all required documents pertaining to you. Your State ID # can be found in your Skyward account under "Student Information" (not the parents Skyward account).

*NOTE: Newly accepted Early Enrollment Students who have not participated in Concurrent Enrollment are required to meet with an SLCC Advisor prior to registering for classes. The SLCC Advisor for MRHS is Dreyah Hagan  801-957-3772.

Concurrent on Campus
Spring 2023 requests can now be taken.  You will need to use the Academic Calendar for your registration dates and wait until that date to register.  To request that a class be opened, please email Mrs. Newbrough at [email protected].  Please send the course name and CRN of the class that you would like to take.
NOTE: Beginning Spring semester 2024 students participating in the SLCC Concurrent On-Campus Program will be charged any relevant textbook and material fees connected any classes they choose to enroll in. 
Concurrent On Campus Request Deadline is January 8, 2024
The Concurrent On-Campus program offers high schools students, the opportunity to take a limited selection of concurrent enrollment courses on any physical SLCC campus at the cost of $5/credit hour. Concurrent On-Campus classes are mixed classes with both high school concurrent students and regular adult college students. Students receive both college and high school credit for the courses offered through Concurrent On-Campus.
For complete information please see the SLCC Concurrent on Campus website:  Concurrent on Campus
Link to Spring Catalog: Spring 2024 Catalog
Which Concurrent Enrollment Math Class Should You Take?
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