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*****Counselors will call for students at their earliest available time.  Students may not be called down the same day they sign up.  Please allow a day or two to hear from your counselor, do not sign up multiple times.*****


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Counselor Breakdown by Alphabet
Counselor Alphabet email  
Renae Brady A-B   
Alexis Gerszewski C-Fra  
John Blodgett Fre-Ja  
Sidni Munns Je-McD  
Liz Easton McE-Pe  
Stacey Strahan Ph-So  
Zan Elder Sp-Z  
Dr. Dennis Sisco-Taylor Psychologist  
Kip Webster Social Worker  
Emily Barney Scholarship Advisor  
College and Career Parent Toolkit
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Free tutoring through Salt Lake County Library
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