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Frequently asked questions for incoming Sophomores


Can I take Dr Ed earlier than my birthday?

No. in order to accommodate the maximum number of students wanting to take Dr Ed we have to balance the sophomore class by birthday to give an equal opportunity to all.


Do I have to take the Careers Class with Dr Ed? 

Yes. Because Dr Ed is a quarter only class you are not able to go into another elective class mid-way through the semester.


How do I sign up for Summer Dr Ed? 

Dates are posted on website along with the registration packet. Summer costs a bit more to pay for the teachers who are working off contract time. $160


Does 8th grade Foreign Language count for college requirements?

Yes. Colleges that require 2 years of a foreign language DO count 8th grade. In Utah, only the University of Utah and Westminster require this. All others list it as “recommended.”


What concurrent enrollment classes can I take? 

As an incoming sophomore there are no Concurrent Enrollment options. You can prepare for those by taking an honors or AP class as a Sophomore. Certain test scores and/or prerequisites may be required.


What AP classes can I take?

Sophomores can take AP World History or AP European History. Either one will count toward the Sophomore World History credit. Also AP Computer Science for advanced students in programming.


What science should I take?

While there is not set rule on what you can and cannot take, generally if you took Earth Science it is recommended to take Biology. If you took Biology in 9th grade it is recommended to take Physics or Chemistry. In order to take Honors Chemistry or Honors Physics, you should currently be in Secondary 2 Honors as a general guideline. The choice is based more on math level. Students who have completed Secondary 2 in 9th grade are more prepared for Physics or Chemistry.


Do I have to take Fitness for Life or does a different PE class count?

Fitness for Life is a required class for graduation established by the Utah State Office of Education. No other PE class can take the place of it. Courses such as Team Sports, Volleyball, Weight training, Ballroom Dance, Yoga, participation on an Athletic team etc., can count as Elective PE.


Do I have to take Health? I just took it in 8th grade?

Yes. Also known as Consumer Health, this is a required semester course that most students take in 10th grade.


How many elective classes do I get?

It depends. A typical schedule of English, Math, History, Science, Health, Fit for Life, Digital Studies class, Seminary, Dr Ed., foreign language would completely fill your schedule. If you took a digital studies class in 9th grade, or choose to not take foreign language, Dr Ed, Health, or Fit for life, you would open up more options for electives and as a result would push some required classes to your junior year. However, it is recommended you get as many required courses done as a sophomore so that your Junior and Senior year you will have more opportunities to pursue your interests.