Sentinel Dancesport Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners from our Sentinel Dancesport Competition today are:
Cha Cha Ballroom 1
1st- Paris Sorenson and Finn Conlon HHS
2nd- Brooke Laker and Tristan Van Roayan MRHS
3rd- Harlan Olson and Kaylee Arsenault HHS
Waltz Ballroom 1 ALL FROM MRHS!!!
1st- Reagan Lund and Breanna Ellis MRHS
2nd- Jean Lyon and Hunter Pederson MRHS
3rd- Alex Turley and Emily Gale MRHS
Swing Ballroom TEAM
1st- Aspen Nilsen and Austin Curtis MRHS
2nd- Tyson Jensen and Kayla Freckleton HHS
3rd- Max Seamus and Challyze Catuby HHS
Cha Cha Ballroom TEAM
1st- Cam Tibbitts and Abi Chilcote HHS
2nd- Reed Broschinsky and Milli Perkins WJHS
3rd- Tyson Jensen and Ashley Larson
Congratulations everyone!!